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Rules and  Regulations of University

1. University :  

 Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur.

2. Duration of the course

Duration of the programme shall be four years. Internship integrated practice is incorporated with respective practical hours in each year.

3. Attendance

80% attendance is compulsory for all students, irrespective of whatever the reason, to write the university examination.  Clinical attendance should be 100% before completing the course. No make up hours for theory classes.  Students should have 80% of attendance for individual subjects as well as per number of days. Every two months the attendance to be displayed in the notice board and it should be send to the university. Candidates who fail to appear for examination in any part or parts owing to the shortage of required attendance shall make up the lost attendance before appearing for the succeeding examination.

4. Condonation condition

Candonable limit - 70%
10% of attendance for one subject or distributed among the subjects for one time during the entire course of study.  The decision regarding this aspects is based on the discretion of the Principal and Faculty of the institution

5. Candidate who is absent

A candidate who is absent for a total of more than 60 days continuous or interrupted within a period of three months during an academic years shall not be eligible to continue the course with same batch of students.  He/she may obtain special sanction for readmission with the junior batch from higher authorities (University / DME/ Govt. of Kerala)

6. Internal Marks

Minimum pass marks shall be 50% in each theory and practical papers separately for internal examinations. Calculation of internal marks shall be based on the ongoing and continuous assessment.
a. Theory: -
Minimum three examinations in a year for each subject. Marks of evaluation by other methods like assignment, seminars, projects etc. can be added to the internal marks.
b. Practical (Clinical):-
Continuous clinical evaluation during the clinical experience of the students in specific clinical area is evaluated for the internal marks.  Marks of evaluation by other methods like assignments (nursing care study, clinical presentation, planned health teaching programme, drug file, projects) can be added to the internal marks.
The internal marks shall be signed by the candidate before transmission to the university.

7. University examination

• Minimum pass marks shall be 50% in each of the theory and practical papers separately for university examinations.
• If a candidate fails in either theory or practical paper she has to reappear for both theory and practical.
• Maximum number of attendance permitted for each paper is five including first attempt (1+4).
• Candidate shall not be admitted to the subsequent higher examination unless the candidate has passed the previous examination.

8. Revaluation:-

No system of revaluation.  Double valuation will be practiced.

9. Results:- 

2nd class 50-59%, 1st class 60-74%, Distinction: 75% or above.

10. Award of Rank:- 

Aggregate marks of all the four years regular examinations.

11. Course of study

The maximum period to complete the course successfully should not exceed eight years.

12. University Registration & ID card

Each student has to register in the KUHS.  They will be providing an ID card to each student.  After the completion of the course this ID card to be returned to the university. Then only they will award the degree.

13. Loss of ID card

In case if any student lost her ID card she has to apply to the university in 100/- Rs. bond paper with a fine of Rs. 500/-.  This can be done only once.

14. Approach to the University

No students or parents can approach to the KUHS.  In case if needed they should go with the permission letter of the Principal.  They have to produce their ID card to the university.

15. Migration and Transfer

Migration and Transfer from the college to another will not be permitted after the student has registered with a course of study with the university.

16. Vacation / Holidays

• Six weeks vacation (including holidays, year break, festival holidays etc.)
This six weeks we are distributing as:
 2 weeks  - Onam holidays
2 weeks - X'mas holidays
1 week - Easter
1 week - Additional study holidays
Only two weeks for study holidays. So we will give 3 weeks.  So there will be classes during public holidays and second Saturdays.  We have decided to give three additional holidays from our part.
1. August 15th
2. January 26th
3. St. Thomas day

17. Sick Leave

There is no sick leave prescribed by the University or INC.  In case they are sick, that day of clinical to be compensated.  When students want to consult the doctor they should take the permission slip from the concerned class co-ordinator/warden.  After consultation the slip must be submitted to the class co-ordinator.  When the students are not able to come to the college submit a leave letter, signed by the warden to the class co-ordinator.  The leave letter should be addressed to the Principal.  The class co-ordinator will report to the principal.

When she returns to college after her sickness she has to report to the class co-ordinator with completed leave form before going to duty or class. After the completion of the leave reporting is very essential before starting the clinicals or classes.  If not reporting that day also go as leave.  The class co-ordinator will report and forward the leave form to the Principal.

18. Special Leave

Special leave will be permitted only in emergency situation and own sister's or brother's marriage.  No other leave will be given for cousin's marriage or perunnal etc. Permission letter of parent should be written & signed by parents themselves in whichever language possible for them.  Students own letter will not be accepted.  The letter should be addressed to the principal.  With permission letter of parent, student approaches to the Class co-ordinator and she will forward this to the Principal with her comments (Test papers planned, Doctors classes etc.) for sanctioning the leave.  Irrespective of theory or clinicals the special leaves will be made up by 8 hours clinicals.  

19. Make up Duty

All the clinical make up duties will be given after the course completion, provided they have 80% attendance for the present academic year examinations.

20. Over night stay

Students are allowed to go home once in a month.  (Saturday evening to Sunday evening)  Students will be allowed for over night stay with their immediate relatives. (Parents, grand parents, parent's brother or sister and own brother or sister).  No other permission letter will be accepted from parents for overnight. 
Students those who wish to go home are requested to fill the overnight book by Wednesday and the signed over night book should reach to the warden Thursday.

21. Visiting

Since students are going home every month there is no visiting day.  Students who are not going overnight regularly can have their visitors in the hostel once in a month (Students from Malabar, Highrange and Wayanad). No visitors are allowed in the clinicals  during their   duty hours.

22. Bank Facilities

South Indian bank is in our campus. Students can have their account in this bank.  Those who are going to home every month, going to ATM is not allowed.  Going to bank in our campus is easy than going to ATM.  In case any student wants to go to ATM special written permission to be taken from Principal.

23. Outing

Students are not allowed to go for outing other than Thellakom.  For purchasing necessary things go to Thellakom  only on scheduled days planned  by warden.  In case they want to go for shopping or any other purpose they have to take permission from the college.

24. Working hours

College working time is 8 am to 4 pm.

25. Clinicals

Duty hours
AM duty :- 7.30-3.30 pm with one hour lunch break.
PM duty:-  3 pm -10 pm  with 15 minutes for coffee break and 30 minutes for dinner.
Night duty:- 10 pm - 7.30 am.
Off duty
- 1st year B.Sc. Nursing students will have Sunday off .
- All other students duty and off will be arranged by the concerned teacher.
- No students will change their planned off without prior permission from the concerned teacher.
- All the students are responsible for the total care of the allotted patients.
- No students will go early from duty without handing over the patients to the concerned staff.
- There will not be any adjustment with the timing of duty hours.
- Students should use ID cards in the Hospital and Community.
- Not allowed to use any ornaments during duty except small studs.

26. Day Scholars

Girls are not allowed to be as day scholar during their training period.

27. Discipline

• All the students should keep up the discipline of the college, hospital, campus and hostel.
• Ragging is prohibited even by court of law.  In such cases students will be dismissed from this college.
• Junior students if they have any such problem may have to report immediately to the concerned authorities.
• Students are not allowed to enter in the hospital wards without permission other than duty hours.
• The disciplinary committee can decide any disciplinary action against the students in serious mistakes.
28. Evaluation
• Periodically the parents will be informed about the students performance and behavior in the college and hostel.
• The warden will submit a periodical evaluation to the Principal about the students those who are staying in the hostel.
29. Religious Activity
• All the catholic students are expected to attend the religious activities organized by the institution.
30. Dress code
All the students are expected to use neat and acceptable dress.  They should present themselves with a neat and tidy appearance.
• Jeans, pants with long tops are allowed.  Short tops are not allowed in the college.




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